Transaction processing, as the name suggests, is a
process of carrying through a transaction from making
a payment for a service or product to the actual
delivery of the same.

Most businesses are carrying out these transactions
online with the help of sophisticated software. This
transaction processing software records every step of
the transaction for future reference.

A good transaction processing solution will not only
record all transactions but will be able to tabulate
and reproduce any or all of them at any given time.
This aids in rectifying any problem or error by
recalling a particular transaction and tracing each
step right down to the point where the mistake was
made and rectifying the same.

Online transaction processing is a very crucial part
of any online business. It is an electronic ledger of
all the business transactions carried out by the
online merchant account.

There are many online merchant transaction processing
solutions available. A merchant may choose to get a
ready-to-use transaction processing software or may
choose to have a customized one made for his online
merchant account. Of course, there are vast cost
implications involved, however there is almost no
difference in the security levels of the two.

It is imperative for an online merchant account to
have a transaction processing solution in order to
transact business online. From accepting an order,
processing payments and getting the cash in the bank,
transaction software is what will get the job done.