WordPress plugins are meant to improve your blog?s function, both for the benefit of the blogger and the audience. One of the most useful and popular plugin for bloggers is Google Analytics for WordPress.

What does Google Analytics do?

? Keeps track of your website visitors. You are not only talking about the number of visitor and their geographical location, but you will even have an idea what browser they used, and even provide information like screen resolution, Flash support, language used, and even JavaScript support.

These data are very important to communicate effectively with your audience. If you noticed that most of your visitors do not have any Flash support, then adding Flash videos or elements in your blog will only benefit a small part of your audience. So, you have to look for other ways on communicating with your audience.

? Peak hours. You will have an idea what is the best time to publish your post to get the most feedback. Google Analytics will help you determine the time when most visitors visit your site.

? Visitor activity. Google Analytics allows you to see what visitors do in you website. Aside from that you will also have an idea how long visitors stay in your site and the percentage of visitors who leave your website right after the first visit. Bloggers can determine ways on how to decrease the number of people who leave right after the first website view, which is also called the bounce rate.

Google Analytics also allows you to determine how deep viewers are into your site. Did they click on any link within your site? How long did stay and interact with the content posted in your website?

? Previous site visited. This part of Google Analytics can help a blogger improve a lot in search rankings. This will give you an idea how the user was able to get into your site, was it through search engines or through direct of referral links. You can determine what search engine your visitors used and what keywords they used to access your site. This can help a lot in determining new keywords that will help you increase your page ranking in search engines.

Learning about these important details will help you in designing the next strategies to improve your website rankings and number of visitors. Google Analytics will help you find what topics or categories in your website generate more traffic than the others. It will also help you have an idea what post type is more appropriate to use for your readers/ audiences.

Google Analytics can be installed easily in your WordPress blog. Aside from the use of plugins, there are some bloggers who prefer to copy and paste the code in the theme?s footer or in functions.php file.

There are numerous plugins in WordPress which will allow you to add Google Analytics to your site, but one of the most efficient is Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk. Take note, however, that only WordPress.org blogs can add or use Google Analytics, and not free WordPress.com sites.