2GSM (shortcode for 2 Gain Sales Matters) is the main affiliate management arm of MKW Industries. This is where we have our centralization software that allows us to manage our products for sale, memberships, affiliate management and payments, and even some of our learning modules and video memberships.

Recently, we added the option to enable our affiliates to get paid directly for their sales instead of having to wait 2 weeks or 30 days. Now, on an increasing number of our products, we offer 100% commission on every other sale paid directly to the affiliate’s Paypal account.

Some products are set up for the affiliate to receive the first payment and we receive the second and others are set up where we receive the first payment and the affiliate receives the second. We structured the products this way to ensure that we still make some money from sales, but to also allow our affiliates the option to promote our products and get paid instantly too.