Do not ask for the order. Inform & educate instead.

Avoiding rejection and educate your customers at the same

Emails and Sales pages are a way to express and market your
products. Certain things will make your marketing a
success; one of them is good content. Customers take a
close look at how you present your content; express it in
your own thoughts to sell the products.

Of course, there are bad moves in any business. Here are
the things you must never say in an email or sales page –
what better way to annoy customers when you constantly
insist on making a sale, you end up with nothing. These
kinds of things are very common in some new sales pages
where the owner didn?t take up Internet marketing lessons.

Educate your customers. Educating your customers should be
the focus of all your marketing efforts. The more you
explain to them how your product or service works, the more
value they will perceive, and the more they will appreciate
what you can do for them. This is especially true if you
are doing something that is different from your

Just tell them how you manufacture the products, the
material you use, the process, how to get the product, if
you travel, if you have to study, how many people you
employ, performance, technical investment, etc.. People
cannot appreciate the investment, education, or all you
have gone through until you share this information with

Prospects and customers expect you to educate them about
your product and industry, not just sell it to them. You
know your industry inside and out. You know why your
product is better than everyone else's, but it may take
some convincing effort to turn a prospect into a customer.
This generally cannot be accomplished through a single ad
or a message on your website. The best way to do this is to
let your customers learn about your products first.

So, you need to convince the prospect to take precious time
to understand why yours is the best merchandise around.
Give them free information. Three effective communication
vehicles include person-to-person communication or
seminars, if you prefer to do it offline; next, through the
mail or direct mail; or on the Internet via Search Engine
Optimization and email newsletters.

Exploit the use of the Internet. Information is a very good
way to let your customers know what you offer on your site.
You need to dissipate your information through emails.
Similar to postal mail, email campaigns are often
education-based in the form of a monthly newsletter. The
cost of delivery is significantly less because the
information is transmitted electronically and not through
the Post Office.

Direct Mail is more than direct response. Contrary to
popular belief, not all direct mail invokes an immediate
call to action. Response rate is a popular term in our
industry, and numbers like 1% and 2% are good figures.

An information-based direct mail campaign, however, isn't
concerned with response rate. Its goal is to educate the
prospect over a period of time, so that when the individual
is ready to buy, s/he will turn to only one place – the
company that was nice enough to explain the industry and
describe product differences in a soft-sell way.

E-mail newsletters can include top stories of the month,
questions and answers from a past newsletter, or lead-ins
to informational articles housed on your website. Including
only the lead-in or an introduction of newsletters enables
a shorter email and motivates the prospect to visit your
website. After reading the information-based article, the
individual is just one click away from the rest of your

Search Engine Optimization is a good way to attract
prospects. People look to Internet search engines to solve
their problems. The industry knowledge housed on your
website just might provide the answers they are looking for
and they'll remember where they've found it.

You can also try to engage in forum sites to educate others
and refer them to your product. You can also put a link in
your signature to guide them directly to your site. All of
them can be used in a good way to earn more profits and
have a good relationship with your customers.