The Internet is a huge and wonderful place that is
full of information of all kinds. Children's ebooks
are booming and becoming more and more popular as
portable technology gets better.

It's now possible to get a portable ebook reader that
can hold over 100 novels and some game devices like
the PSP enable you to read ebooks on them.

Where do you find these ebooks though? Well, they are
becoming so popular that most online bookstores have
an ebook section.

Amazon, Ebay, and many more are great places to check.
Barnes and Noble used to have a great ebook selection
but closed that area down.

Many of your children's favorite novels are available
as ebooks and the prices are very reasonable. The
popular series Eragon may cost $22.95 for a hardcover
edition but the same novel in ebook form is about

This has many benefits. The most obvious one is that
it can't be destroyed. Unless you reformat your
computer, that ebook will be with you forever.

You can download it to personal ebook readers as well.
Harry Potter, Goosebumps, and many popular children's
stories are all out there waiting to be read.

Many of these sites will require you to register with
them and you can choose whether or not to receive
e-mail from these sites. If your child is an avid
reader of ebooks, it might be beneficial to subscribe
to their "What's New" newsletters.

This can keep you and your child informed about when
the next book in a series is going to be released and
might even recommend books of a similar nature.