Finding Chinese recipes is usually pretty easy.
Chinese food is loved all around the world and many
people are more than willing to pass on their favorite

These can be in cookbooks, on television shows, and on
the Internet. If you are new to Chinese cooking, you
might want to try out a few free recipes before
spending any money on a new book though.

For a beginner who really wants to learn the basics of
Chinese cooking and find some great and easy recipes,
nothing can beat the Internet. There are tons of
websites out there that have nothing but recipes for
all kinds of cuisine.

Many are specially geared toward Chinese food. Some
might make you register with the site but most give
you recipes for free. You can print them out or save
them for when you are ready to start cooking.

Television is a great way to learn about Chinese
recipes and what it takes to make them. The food
networks get a lot of ratings with Chinese cooking
shows and competitions.

The food is interesting to watch being made and always
looks delicious. It can be hard to write down a recipe
while watching someone cook it so a digital recorder
can help make sure you don't miss anything.

The old fashioned way is sometimes the best way. A
nice Chinese recipe cookbook can't be beat most of the
time. If you get a very large one, you can pick and
choose from any Chinese dish you can imagine.

They often include common substitutions and cooking
tips as well as helpful advice for the beginner.