Everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do,
can benefit by having some plan in place for the
on-going management of stress. The common myth, that
unhealthy stress and the need for appropriate
management of that stress, is primarily reserved for
those who work in the most stressful environments.

High powered executives and those who are in positions
which carry a heavy amount of responsibility are only
a small portion of the population who could benefit
from a stress management program.

Let?s face, stress is a part of everyone?s life.
Whether you are a high powered executive, or a stay at
home mother, situations are sure to arise in which the
stress of your individual life will increase,
affecting the way you feel, think and act. Having
healthy way of coping with stress can make a
difference to overall state of well-being.

Doctors, lawyers, nurses, waitresses, bartenders,
business owners, even college students and elementary
school children face their own unique brand of
"stressors" every day.

From the doctor who must face the loss of a patient,
to the waitress who must deal with cranky, complaining
customers; even the third grader, who is faced with a
battery of assessment tests, stress is a part of
everyday life.

There are many forms of stress management, from
physical exercise to visualization techniques. A
stress management program can include a hot, steamy
bubble bath, or a long, luxurious massage.

It can also include incorporate such techniques as
acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, hypnosis (or
self hypnosis) relaxation techniques and a realm of
other programs or activities, uniquely tailored to fit
the individual undertaking a stress reduction program.