Not only are cotton clothes stylish but they also seem
to be the preferred choice of pregnancy dresses across
the world. In hot and humid countries like India,
cotton is the number 1 selling fabric by default. But
for pregnant women in all countries across the globe
it is a god-send for many reasons.

Cotton allows your skin to breathe, which is very
helpful during the advanced stages of pregnancy. This
means you remain comfortable during hot flashes and
even otherwise, the fabric allows air to pass through
it easily. This means you get natural ventilation
which helps aid good hygiene and comfort.

Cotton is easily available almost everywhere. And
what?s more, you get cotton in different cuts and
styles which means, your pregnancy wardrobe can be
varied and interesting.

While cotton fabrics are difficult to care for, they
make-up for this shortfall by keeping you cool and
comfortable during difficult times. Your body goes
through many changes so it helps to wear pregnancy
dresses that don?t leave you itching, scratchy,
swollen, or bruised any more than is necessary.

Cotton is also considered to be the fabric of choice
of the upper elite. So it allows you to look chic and
yet you are as comfortable as possible in your cotton
pregnancy dress.

Cotton also molds itself in your body curves which
lends a slim, lean look. So don?t hesitate for a
minute before you buy cotton pregnancy dresses because
you will get a rich pay-off in terms of comfort,
style, and over-all well being.