Think of your sales letter as the display window of your online business. If customers don’t see something they want almost immediately, they’ll keep walking, or in this case, clicking, until they find a site with a product or service that does interest them. Review the following components of a sales letter and compare the examples with your own.


Not surprisingly, this is the single most important part of the sales letter. You have mere seconds ? and just a few words to convince potential customers to keep reading. With thousands of other sales letters all over the Internet, what can you do to make yours stand out? The concept, at least, is simple. You’re going to have to come up with something that will literally grab your readers and make them want to read further.

This “grabbing” phrase, or headline, can be a question, command, or a dynamic piece of news. Consider the difference in the following and see which one “grabs” you. FREE SOFTWARE! Versus FREE MONEYMAKING SOFTWARE! See how just one word adds interest and intrigue to your headline? Surf the Internet to find the headlines in sales letters that grab your attention, and after you click past the ones that don’t, use your back button and ask yourself why those headlines didn’t get your attention. As important as it is though, the headline will only get you so far. You’ll also need the following:

Stress the Benefits

You can’t just say that your product is the best one out there. You have to tell your readers why they need this particular product and, just as important, why they need to purchase it from you. If you’re selling a weight loss product, for example, are they going to lose weight in 30 days? Are they going to lose weight for less? Don’t just tell your readers they will lose weight if they use your product; let them know about all the benefits that will be theirs if they buy your product now.

Ask Questions

Don’t just ask your readers questions. Ask your readers to ask themselves questions. For example, put yourself in the shoes of your reader. What questions naturally come to mind? Ask open-ended questions that cause your readers to think. If you’re selling the latest and greatest solution for bad breath, for example, ask the reader, “How would you feel if a co-worker told you that you have bad breath?” Now you have the reader (customer) imagining what’s going to happen if they don’t buy your product.

Use Examples

Here you can reassure customers that they have indeed found the right solution to their problem. “Imagine talking to friends, co-workers, and complete strangers with complete confidence!” Now you’ve persuaded readers how good they’ll feel if they buy your product. List several examples within your sales letter that extol the benefits of your product.


Testimonials from other customers are powerful. They’re powerful when they’re real; they will backfire and cost you sales when they’re made up, however. Don’t insult your customer’s intelligence by filling your sales letters with phony testimonials and endorsements. No one really cares what Jim from Alabama thinks; on the other hand, tell them what Jim from www.arealsite.com thinks and they’re liable to pay attention. How do you accomplish this? Simple. Give Jim a freebie and ask him to write an honest testimonial of what he thinks of your product. Do this a few times and you’ll have powerful endorsements that customers will believe.


Experiment with closings the same way you do with headlines. Do a little research to discover which closings impress you the most. Some research indicates the words, “add to cart” generate more sales than the words, “buy now,” or something to that effect. Most important, make your closing sound sincere and make it easy for your customers to order. Also, make sure you have taken the steps to protect your customer’s information and assure them that they are on a secure site.


The last assurance you must give your customers is that there is no risk to the decision they’ve just made or are about to make. Offer a money back guarantee and list any restrictions, such as the length of time the guarantee is in place.

Follow the above steps and your sales letters will turn readers into customers!